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The Settlers Online


21.05.2020 Mini-event: Co-op adventures!

Dear Adventurer,
Let's #settletogether and enjoy a +100% boost on all resources, refills and experience points for the next week! Get your friends, family or guildmates together and explore the vast variety of coop adventures.

  • What: Co-op adventures boost
  • When: May 21st - May 31st
  • Which: Buccaneer Roundup, The Siege, Raiding The Raiders, Lakeside Treasure, Tomb Raiders, Whirlwind, Split City in Summer and "Split City in Fall

Happy settling!

18.05.2020 Wait with the upgrade of the Barracks!

Dear Settlers,

With this game update, we implemented new upgrade levels to a variety of buildings. This includes the Barracks, which can now also be upgraded to Level 7. While you will probably want to start it as soon as possible, we strongly urge you to wait until the end of this month! You may need some additional recruitment in the very near future.

Wait with the upgrade of the Barracks!

More details to follow later week!

Happy settling,

11.05.2020 Change log 19.05.2020

Dear Settlers,

This game update includes new 75+ quests, daily quests, Sunflower Farm and another batch of Level 7 building upgrades!

Read more about the upcoming version in our Change Log.

Happy settling,

08.05.2020 [Interaction] Cooking Class 2020

Dear Soup-A-Stars,
This time a french recipe was sent in and chosen; ever wondered how an easy to make but aroma-tastic "Good Weather Charm" could look like?
With this creation Settler "theia71" truly brings the sun out. Yummy!

Join The Cooking Class!

Join us and read more about this special interaction in our forum!

Happy Cooking,

25.04.2020 Holiday gifts!

Dear players,

The settlers in your kingdom made lots of preparation to celebrate today's occasion. Take time to indulge, sit back and relax. Enjoy the gathering with family and friends!

Some gifts! A gift package has been sent in-game.

Happy Settling!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

23.04.2020 Forum Spotlight: Minael

Dear Settlers,

Look at this awesome creation. Not only did Minael create a building, he also made "Settlers" eggs and.. guess what? A dragon egg!! Really cool!


Check it out on the forum!

Happy Settling!

05.03.2020 Ubisoft Accounts

Dear Settlers,

We are happy to introduce you to the new authentication flow for Ubisoft Accounts!
From now on, to login to your Ubisoft Account, just use the button that looks like this:

After entering your Ubisoft Account credentials in the pop-up, everything else should work as usual. And please remember that you do not need to create a new Ubisoft Account, you can (and should) use your existing one.

If you have any questions regarding the new flow, please contact our Support.

Happy settling,

05.09.2019 The Settlers - gamescom Trailer

Dear Settlers,

During gamescom 2019 in Cologne, we revealed a new gameplay trailer for the new "The Settlers" game! In case you missed it, check it out below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsC6PHLSctE

Head on over to our community platform: “The Settlers Alliance”, to learn more!

Happy settling!

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